The other music video for 'Under Pressure'

There is another version of the Queen/David Bowie 'Under Pressure' video, allegedly an unreleased promotion video (the Youtube channel 'Queen Forever' features a lot of unreleased promotional videos for Queen songs).

It differs in the use of black and white movie clips. Instead of silent movies from the 1920s it features more recent black and white movies. Maybe they changed to older movie clips for the official video because they were cheaper?

The source of these screenshots is this Youtube video.

Any help in identifying the movies is appreciated!


Teenage Frankenstein

Robert Vaughn and Darah Marshall in 'Teenage Cave Man' (1958). Proof

A musketeer?

Greek or Roman mythology?

Rat Bat Spider from 'The Angry Red Planet' (1959)

Rat Bat Spider from 'The Angry Red Planet' (1959)


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